Crayola Projector Light Designer

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Turn any ceiling into your own private art gallery with the Projector Light Designer from Crayola. This easy-to-use projector lets kids draw, trace, make light shows, and play games on reusable plastic drawing sheets and then project them on to ceilings and walls. Designed for ages six and up, the Projector Light Designer comes with six markers and six reusable drawing sheets.

Crayola Projector Light DesignerThe Projector Light Designer lets you draw pictures with special markers and then project them onto a wall or ceiling.

Magnify and Display Your Creations

With the Projector Light Designer, your creations can be bigger and better than ever before. Use the special markers to scribble and sketch faces, figures, favorite characters, and designs. The fixed-focus projection lens lets you magnify your creations up to 20 times larger than their original size and project them onto a wall or ceiling.

Doodle, Draw and Layer

The Projector Light Designer offers limitless creative options. Trace an image on to the drawing sheets and then add more tracings and drawings on additional sheets for a layered look. Write out your favorite sayings and slogans for others to read and enjoy.

Easy Operation and Reusable Drawing Sheets

The projector is easy to use: simply flip the on/off switch. And when you’re done with a particular design, wipe the sheet clean, and it’s ready to be used the next time inspiration strikes.

Integrated Marker Storage

To keep the markers organized and in easy reach, there are six integrated storage slots on the projector. Simply pop in the markers, and they’ll be ready to go when you need them. The Projector Light Designer takes four AA batteries (not included).

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What’s in the Box

Projector Light Designer, six markers, and six plastic drawing sheets.

At a Glance:

Display your creations on a wall or ceiling

Draw a picture with special markers and then project

Magnify images up to 20 times larger

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